The ethos of building advanced Cyber technologies to protect and secure our Clients was where we began. We stand at the forefront of an exciting but also a dangerous juncture in technology. In the past, security was often overlooked with little concern of safety, security, or privacy. Our current reality is the melding of technologies at an almost exponential pace. Technologies are becoming linked into a homogeneous relationship where the accelerated velocity of new and dangerous threats is outpacing the technologies we have created. We must ensure the utility we have created does not cause us more harm than good.


We can show you how to accelerate your organization’s technology transformation without sacrificing security to emerging threats. Many of our Clients look to us to vastly improve and modify their solutions.






We provide rapid engineering in designing, developing, and integrating cyber solutions for our customers. Our solutions include highly integrated solutions which often require unique software applications coupled with specialized hardware fabrication and electronics.


We develop and deploy unique security technologies for cyber missions. We ensure persistent and vigorous secure architectures for private and public clouds, hybrid clouds, cloud server protections, and virtualization as counter-exploitation protections.


We developed a highly diverse range of cyber capabilities and recommend interested organizations to contact us for additional insights. Examples of technologies and solutions we have developed include:


  • Zero Trust Network Technologies
  • Active Defense Solutions
  • Autonomous Remote Systems
  • Cyber Command & Control Systems
  • Cyber Damage Assessment Systems & Architectures
  • Insider Threat Technologies and Solutions
  • Modification of Commercial Technologies
  • Mission Planning & Automated Controls
  • Secure Cloud Systems



Our unique engineering expertise is being leveraged by a broad variety of Clients across a spectrum of markets. All have challenging purposes, but the same attribute exists in all; to build remarkably successful products, solutions, or technologies.


Our engineering extends across a wide spectrum of technologies, electronics, computer systems, and network architectures. Our expertise flows across engineering disciplines as we concentrate on developing next generation cyber systems capabilities.


Examples of areas where we perform cyber engineering include:


  • Advanced Network Architectures
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Cyber ISR Sensors
  • Forensic Defeat & Forensic Countermeasures
  • Global Communications Technologies
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Mobile Systems and Devices
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Systems Exploitation
  • Wireless Technologies


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