Ingenuity is innovation applied. Without a purpose, innovation proves no genuine advantage. We apply innovative technologies and expertise to difficult problems to create decisive and purposeful advantages.


Ingenuity is critical, but so is time. Creating remarkable solutions matter most when they can be leveraged quickly at customer speed. Velocity matters, and it is the multiplier of doing work with us. Combining solution ingenuity with rapid engineering—these are the trademarks of how we perform engineering.




We are focused on supporting the diverse needs of our customers, regardless of where in the world our assistance is needed. From providing critical systems engineering to delivering technical support in difficult environments, we are committed to our customers and to improving their organization.

We provide rapid engineering in designing, developing, and integrating cyber solutions for our customers. We provide highly integrated solutions which often require unique software applications coupled with specialized hardware fabrication and electronics.

We design and build enterprise-level communications networks in the most demanding environments. Our extensive global operational expertise incorporates the intricacies of constructing robust systems, but also provides the essential managed services needed to ensure optimal performance.

Gaining advantages by levering computing technologies is critical when transforming a business’s systems and solutions. Converting possible into potential.   Substituting research investments by others into your own gains.

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