Building on the outstanding security platform that we created for our Federal Government customers, INGRESSIVE will continue to broaden and expand our security practice by providing advanced security services and solutions to our commercial and industry Clients. We are an acknowledged leader in identifying, remediating, and hardening corporate networks and products before embarrassing incidents occur.


The INGRESSIVE Advantage. Our advanced security practice leads the security and cyber defense industries. What’s the difference? Most companies offer practices that protect specific portions of a company’s infrastructure. However, few companies perform analysis on products and solutions that impact the total corporate security interests and resources.


We provide a comprehensive security practice that incorporates all the elements of risk and threats for which a customer is exposed. We assist the total company, not just the network infrastructure. The insider threat is just not a human risk; it is the exposure of all technologies and systems within a company’s domain, including its own products and applications.


We have real-world experience defending companies and all of their assets. The INGRESSIVE practice provides comprehensive security expertise and services. We provide access to highly skilled engineers and security practitioners who have one single goal: to protect and defend against the external and internal threats our customers face.


The portfolio of services offered by the INGRESSIVE practice includes:


  •     Computer and Network Forensics
  •     Information Assurance
  •     Insider Threat Identification & Elimination
  •     Network Hardening and Security Enhancement
  •     Penetration Testing
  •     Product Security Testing
  •     System Vulnerability Testing & Analysis
  •     Technology and Application Security Analysis
  •     Threat Analysis and Risk Analysis
  •     Vulnerability Testing, Identification & Remediation

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