Gaining advantages by levering computing technologies is critical when transforming a business’s systems and solutions. Converting possible into potential.   Substituting research investments by others into your own gains. It’s disruption. It’s powerful. It’s how you achieve competitive advantage. Waiting is wasting time.


Technology convergence has created compelling benefits for their adoption.  However, the dizzying array of solutions can leave the most capable organization overwhelmed. One of the biggest advantages for partnering with us is our ability to help select and implement new technologies. We can work within an existing framework or help you building something new. Our expertise is prominently showcased in our performance and our many patents. We have realized patents in the security and implementation of technologies such as Cloud, Internet of Things, and Virtual Containers.


We are building the world’s strongest technologies. We are enabling the biggest organizations to transform themselves. Removing risks to allow forward momentum. We never shy away from challenges, that’s why so many Clients choose us to be on their team.




Providing a sampling of the computing technologies where we have formidable expertise opens the door to understanding us. However; our expertise is broader and deeper than a website is able to provide. We strongly encourage you to engage us. Collaboration is the first step in transformation.


The following are sample areas in computing in which we provide expertise:


Software Engineering


Our software engineering services include software design, development, technical analysis, code remediation, capabilities validation & verification, and solutions modification, as examples. We provide the full range of software development, from unique kernel-level technologies to enterprise-level security solutions and applications. Our expertise spans the spectrum of Operating Systems and devices. Our expertise traverses use, applications, and form factor. From mobility applications to network appliances, to unique one-off applications, to full-scale organizational solutions and operational capabilities, we provide the full range of software solutions.


Our software development engagements include working with many outstanding organizations where our teams assist in creating new technologies or modifying existing solutions for better customer alignment. Our teams have created incredible new technologies that are used on a daily basis by large aerospace companies and by some of the most prestigious technology companies in the world. A sampling of our work and types of technologies developed are:


  • Active Defense Computer Security
  • Communications Systems Technologies
  • Cloud Technologies & Cloud Security Technologies
  • Encryption Technologies
  • Enterprise-Level Secure Networks
  • Insider Threat Detection & Prevention
  • Mobility Technologies
  • Wireless Technologies
  • Internet of Things


Network Function Virtualization


Our focus on Network Function Virtualization (NVF) is developing and implementing network architectures centered on reducing complexity and cost. NFV efforts include cloud-based and virtualized serverless infrastructures. Developing innovative security to replace traditional firewalls, intrusion detection, and load-balancing hardware as examples.


Virtual Containers


Applications are being relocated to cloud architectures and containers represent a better and cheaper method to implement this strategy. Our Clients are able to develop and deliver applications faster. The ability to separate applications on the same infrastructure ensures a robust method of deploying and maintaining applications. Other advantages include reducing the complexity of identifying, isolating, and fixing applications issues needing remediation.  A compelling example of leveraging technology to achieve disruptive advantages.


Software Defined Networks


We are developing Software-defined Networking (SDN) technologies at an intense pace. The ability to reduce manpower, solution costs, and network complexity is where the rubber meets the road. Using an adaptive method to automatically detect and abate network issues is a massive leap ahead for enterprise networks. This technology provides the ability to remove layers of complexity and reduce the staff needed to administer and engineer these critical systems.


Vast improvement in networks security can be realized by the ability to change rules on enterprise systems such as prioritizing or blocking specific communications at a granular level. Allowing the network engineer to control network traffic loads efficiently. SDN is emerging as a viable alternative to existing methods and practices. We can help you learn more about the advantages and approaches to avoid with SDN.

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